Regional Newf Rescue Contacts

The regional contacts listed in this website have been verified by Newf Rescue Canada. Caution is advised when dealing with any person or organization claiming to be Newf rescue but not listed herein.

If you are unable to locate a rescue group able to assist you, please contact Peter Maniate at (705) 879-8425.


Rescue:  Newf Rescue NFLD
Email:  Jacky Petrie
Phone:  (709) 722-4799

Atlantic Provinces

Rescue:  Atlantic Newfoundland Dog Rescue
Email:  Devon Nutbeem
Phone:  (506) 459-8348


Website:  S.O.S. Terre-Neuve
Email:  Email a volunteer

Contact:  France Landry
Phone:  (418) 243-3550 (English/French)

Contact:  Kali Turcotte
Phone:  (418) 804-0663

Ontario – South, Central, East & West

Website:  Newf Friends
Email:  Email a volunteer

Ontario – Northwest

Email:  Fay Greer
Phone:  (807) 577-1001


Rescue:  Manitoba Newfoundland Rescue Service

Email:  Terry Lambert
Phone:  (204) 831-6923

Email:  Kerri Linklater
Phone:  (204) 447-5200


Email:  Heidi Ball, NDCC Saskatchewan Region
Phone:  (306) 944-4448


Rescue:  Newfoundland Fanciers of Alberta Rescue

Email:  Gary Haynes
Phone:  (780) 264-6911

Email:  Kim Haynes
Phone:  (780) 921-2051

British Columbia

Email:  Grace and Dean Edwards, BC Region of the NDCC

List Updates

Email:  Peter Maniate
Phone:  (705) 879-8425