Newfoundland Dog Resources

Discussion Groups

Newf Net

An online forum where over 3,000 members get together to talk Newf. This is a fantastic resource for people new to Newfs, and slimed veterans as well!
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An online mailing list with over 1,000 members interested in this breed. This list offers a wealth of information about all aspects of Newf ownership. Archives are available to members, containing over 60,000 posts, searchable by subject.
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Newfoundland Clubs

National Clubs

National Clubs have tons of information about the breed, a breeders list, information about dog shows and training seminars, links to regional clubs, and much more.

Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
Newfoundland Club of America

Regional Clubs

Regional clubs are a great source of information and often offer workshops, seminars, and newsletters. Websites lists upcoming events which may be of interest to Newf owners as well as people considering adding a Newf to their family.

Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic Newfoundland Dog Club
Kathy Hanson  –  (506) 696-6627

South Eastern Ontario

South Eastern Ontario Region Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
Allan Maniate  –  (705) 292-6642

Central Ontario

Central Ontario Region Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
Al McFadden  –  (705) 466-2099

Northern Ontario

Fay Greer  –  (807) 577-1001


Newfoundland Dog Fanciers of Alberta
Pauline Turnbull

British Columbia

Gary Behnke  –  (604) 543-7338

All-Breed Clubs

All-breed clubs offer info on breed standards, a list of events – including dog shows, and general information.

Canadian Kennel Club
American Kennel Club